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Programs & Ministries

Bible Study Groups

Fellowship Groups

Flamborough fellowship groups are ready to begin another season of worship, discussion, and encouragement…all we are missing is YOU! Whether you are single or married, 18 or 80 – we want you to join a small group and see how it will positively affect your life!

This season we are studying Jerry Bridges’ book, “The Pursuit of Holiness”. God commands us “Be holy, for I am holy”. What does that mean for our daily lives? It’s certainly not perfection; neither is it having a “holier-than-thou” attitude. Come join us as we learn from scripture how to live out this command!

Please e-mail if you are ready to join a group or if you have any questions.

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Cadets is a youth ministry whose purpose is to provide the church with a unique program that will enable it to effectively share Christ’s love with boys from the church and community. The basis of the Calvinist Cadet Corps is the Word of God (the Holy Bible) and as summarized in the Heidelberg Catechism, the Canons of Dordt, and the Belgic Confession. The goal of Cadets is to help boys grow in all areas of life (spiritual, mental, physical, and social) by providing Christian men with a uniquely designed structure, program and materials.

The Organization of Cadets – A) Cadre – the basic unit of Cadeting, which puts an adult Christian man as a counsellor for up to six boys, and provides the setting for the program activities. B) Club (ours is #4809) – provides group interaction and competition on a smaller scale. C) Council (Berean) – broadening the scope even further and providing an arena for counsellor training and major activities with the other clubs in the council.

A Typical Club Meeting – Every other Thursday night at Marian Hall in Freelton – The program runs from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. The Cadets and their counsellors (full uniform is required) form rank and file (march and drill) for opening parade. The evening plans are detailed and each cadre goes to their own room. The Bible study usually consists of a particular subject from either the Cadet manual, Recruit/Pathfinder/Builder (RPB book) or from the Quest magazine. After Bible study, it’s time for crafts or badge work. The badge work is printed in the RPB book. There are many badges to choose from (over 100) in categories such as “Where you live,” “the wilderness,” “science,” “hobbies,” “crafts,” “camping,” “sports,” “personal development,” and “discovering God’s Word.” After a short break with snack time, the boys work on their basic skills for Snow Derby or Cadet-a-rama or play some sports. Snow Derby is an outdoor competition which takes place in January, in which eight boys form a team and navigate a course through the woods with a compass, instructions, and their sled of supplies. On the course there are three stations that judge the boys’ knowledge of basic survival skills: shelter building, fire building and axemanship, compass, winter survival, and first aid. Cadet-a-rama is an indoor competition held in May in which teams compete in knot tying, ladder building (lashing), compass, ice rescue, and map-reading. There is also an opportunity for the boys to display and win prizes for the crafts they have built over the year. Blocks of wood previously carved and decorated into racing cars by the Cadets and raced down a computerized track finish off the day.

Cadets need counsellors and vice versa. If you are an interested man with a love of God’s creation and would like to help younger boys (ages 9-13), we would gladly teach you the program and help with the skills and crafts. If you would like to send your boy (and his neighbourhood friend) to an adventure of skills while learning about God’s love, please call any of the present leaders.

contact person: Guido Schenkel
contact email:
contact phone #: 905-690-2285

Young People’s Bible Study

The Young People’s Society (YPS) is open to all teenagers and young people in grade 9 and older. They meet every other Sunday in different homes at 7:30 p.m (see our bulletin for location of meeting). This year, the YPS is studying the “So What?“ series published by the OPC church. It is a study guide geared towards youth all about finding out what the bible means for us. After each meeting there is social time for eating goodies, playing games, and mingling with other young people.

The Executive Committee of the YPS, with the help of their mentors, plan various outings throughout the year to bring everyone together and to get to know each other better. These activities may include barbecues, bowling, speeches, or potluck suppers.

Twice a year the Flamborough YPS takes part in a Study Weekend organised by the Youth Conference Committee. These weekends include two days of speeches, workshops, entertainment, singing, meals, and accommodations if required. Each YPS in Ontario takes a turn hosting the Study Weekend.

Women’s Bible Study – “Ruth”

This study group is open to all women in the Flamborough church. They meet every other Thursday at 8:00 p.m. in members’ homes. The group is studying the letter to the Ephesians this year following the inductive method.  Join us as we share the treasure of knowing that God has called us by His grace to be living members of His body under the headship of our exalted King, Jesus Christ!

Each October, the women of “Ruth” take part in a League Day organized by the League of Women’s Societies of Ontario. There are two speeches presented during the day, with time for discussion after each speech. A delicious lunch is always provided! The women’s bible study groups of every Canadian Reformed Church in Ontario take a turn hosting this event.

contact person: Sheila Kamstra
contact email:
contact phone #: 905-689-3782

Flamborough Men’s Society

This study group is for all men in the Flamborough church. They meet every other Thursday evening at 8:00 PM at Grace Christian School.

contact person: Leo Buitenhuis
contact phone #: 905-690-2110

Morning Bible Study – “Teach Us Your Way”

Open to women of both the Flamborough and Rehoboth congregations, we meet every Tuesday morning in the church from 9:15 to 11:00 am with few exceptions.  We enjoy Opening Devotions (prayer, bible reading and song) all together and then separate into five smaller discussion groups for the final hour.  We are currently delving into the New Testament books of Colossians and Philemon using the Life Change Series by NavPress.  In the new year, we hope to study the New Testament book of James using the Life Change Series once again.

We offer refreshments, childcare for pre-school children and endeavour to be a fellowship group intent on growing in relationship with Jesus Christ and each other.  Please feel welcome to join us at anytime.

contact person: Joanne Hordyk
contact email:

Outreach Programs

The Home Mission Committee

The home mission committee acts as a link between the Flamborough Canadian Reformed Church and the local community. Made up of eight church members, the committee is involved in both the coordination and participation of various outreach, and community volunteer programs including: Meals on Wheels, blood donor clinics, roadside cleanups and the Flamborough Food Bank. The committee is continually searching for more opportunities to reach out through such programs in thankfulness to God for the promise of Salvation.

Canadian Reformed World Relief

The CRWRF serves as a bridge for our churches and church members to provide resources that address material needs of people suffering the effects of poverty through Christian motivated partners.  As Christians we are called to do good to all men, as we have opportunity, especially to those in the household of faith. (Galatians 6)

Our programming has the following focus areas:  Child Development; Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation; HIV/AIDS Response; Community Development and Global Awareness Education.

As part of our Global Awareness Education, Faithworks (as a subcommittee of CRWRF) organizes Service and Learning Together (SALT) trips that provide participants with both active service and guided learning opportunities to foster reflection on being a Christian steward in a world of need.1

Visit our website for more information about all of our projects  or to sign up for a Faithworks trip click here

1 General Policy 2008-3013



Catechism Classes

Catechism classes provide young and new Christians with additional instruction in the Reformed Doctrine. Classes are held each Tuesday evening at Grace Christian School for various age groups. Both church members and guests are encouraged to participate.

Grace Christian School (Elementary School)

Located at 497 Millgrove Side Road, Millgrove, Ontario, Grace Christian School provides a Christ Centered education for grades K-8.

Guido De Bres Christian High School

Founded in 1975 and named after a prominent 16th century Reformer, Guido de Bres Christian High School provides secondary education for Canadian Reformed youth across the Golden Horseshoe. With a student body of around 450 and staff of 30 the high school provides quality Christian education to prepare youth for both post secondary education and the general work force. The school building is located centrally on StoneChurch Road, Hamilton mountain.


Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College


The Theological College


The Canadian Alliance of Christian Schools